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Posted in Spare time on January 19th, 2010


The Waltzer

Posted in Spare time on January 4th, 2010


My amazing Dad…. See this post for more details… My Camera phone doesn’t really do it justice mind.

Last sto· ry· board (stôr-bôrd, str-brd)

Posted in Spare time on December 21st, 2009


Here’s the last boards of 2009 (here)….  I’ve got some interesting meetings coming up in the new year, with regards The Nao of Brown and also my children’s book… So fingers crossed for the very futuristic sounding 2010 (Only nine years till flying police cars, replicants and ‘off-world colonies’). So Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to one and all, thanks for reading and commenting… Have a good one.

Big sto· ry· board (stôr-bôrd, str-brd)

Posted in Spare time on December 15th, 2009


I’ve been real busy the last few weeks… Here’s some of what I’ve been up to (Storyboards)


Posted in Spare time on December 2nd, 2009


Check out the Jamie Hewlett Demon Lamps made by Mr. James Coore… … Good Crimbo presents

New sto· ry· board (stôr-bôrd, str-brd)

Posted in Spare time on November 23rd, 2009


Here are some more boards… (click on the images to enlarge) I’m keeping busy right now, bit of a bottleneck in fact.

Same as usual, they’re not all there and they’re not necessarily in the right order.

sto· ry· board (stôr-bôrd, str-brd)

Posted in Spare time on November 18th, 2009


Apart from the news about the shop (see below), I’ve not posted much recently… and by the way, thanks again to Fluffy, and to all of you who’ve got the shop off to a great start by buying stuff… your goods are in the post.

I’ve not posted much because I’ve been busy writing… I’d say I’ve got a third of the first draft proper now… I know where I’m going with it, got it all mapped out, just a matter of finding the time to get on with it.

I’ve also been busy doing storyboards…  here (click on the image to enlarge)… as usual they’re not necessarily in the right order… and I thought I’d pop in some of the amended versions at the end so you can see how things get tweaked and changed for whatever reason.

Open All Hours

Posted in Spare time on November 12th, 2009

Mr. ‘Fluffy’ Robinson has just ensured that ‘Nao Brown’s Art Emporium’ is finally open for business… Please, step this way … or click on the big SHOP button just up there at the top, on the right.

Who is Jane Human?

Posted in Spare time on October 18th, 2009

Went down to The London Print Studio today… where Jonathan is doing a great job of editioning my lino print. I love the smell of it down there. I managed to get some photos of the process, which I hope are pretty self explanatory… (Who is Jane Human?)*

This print is gonna be an edition of 25, all numbered and signed and for sale at around sixty quid… I say ‘around’ because I’ve not worked out the p&p yet.

Within the next week I hope to have sorted out a ‘buy button’ somewhere on this blog, in order to meet that demanding ‘Christmas rush’. Read more »

Ursus maritimus

Posted in Spare time on October 10th, 2009

This week I’ve been roped in again to help out on the new Gorillaz ‘Plastic Beach’ website… it’s been an absolute pleasure. Obviously I can’t give too much away… but I have been re-working everyone’s favourite gay polar bear and doing some other fun, new things too. The band ‘HQ’, where the new website will be based is no less than completely awesome… Webmaster ‘Fluffy’ Robinson and the whole Gorillaz team are really outdoing themselves with this one (the music sounds good too). The picture posted here is my Peter Falk bust from the last (and current) Gorillaz website, I think you can still find it in one of the corridors of Kong Studios (try the first floor).

Nao news… there’s gonna be a limited edition lino print available soon, hopefully in time for Christmas, but I’ll do a new post about all that, as & when… Next weekend I’m gonna get down to doing some solid writing… with the family away, there’ll be no excuses. And by the way thanks for all the recent comments.

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