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Is that Christopher Walken?…

Posted in Spare time on August 9th, 2010


…No it’s not, but it does look a bit like him… when he was younger maybe… I think it’s the funny hair.

Good news – I’ve pretty much finished writing The Nao of Brown, just one more night with a fine tooth comb and then deliver it tomorrow. Woo-hoo!

Meanwhile here’s those boards I promised.

The Bends

Posted in Spare time on July 20th, 2010


I’ve just taken a short break from writing Nao, in order to step back a little – plus a good storyboarding job came in at just the right time (which I’ll post here soon). When I get back to Nao (tomorrow), I’ll be starting on the 4th draft … So far I’ve really enjoyed the process… It’s gone from being something I wasn’t sure exactly how to do… to something I’ve done. And it didn’t seem to take too long…

And then tonight I had an idea for my next book.


Posted in Spare time on June 14th, 2010


Recently, while unpacking all the boxes that have been in storage for a while, I found this little gem…

This A5 copy of Circular Field holds a very special place in my heart, not only because it marks my first meeting with Philip Bond and Alan Martin, but because I just love the comic… to me, it’s one of the most perfect things that I have the pleasure of owning.

But the reason I’m posting it, is because as you can see on this page, there’s a washing machine… That washing machine wasn’t in the original comic… I requested Phil draw it for me… because his first Wired World strip in Deadline magazine featured, what I thought were, some very nicely drawn washing machines. Anyway, it feels like we’ve come full circle in some strange ‘Circular Field’ kind of way, because washing machines play a very important part in The Nao of Brown.

It’s a pretty well worn copy and as you can see they both scrawled some stuff on it as well as the nice drawing… but I imagine it’s a pretty rare thing. I googled it and couldn’t find any reference to it anywhere…

Anyway here it is in full… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

Marvin, he was a friend of mine…

Posted in Spare time on June 14th, 2010


Writing update: Doing nights is proving fruitful, I’m up to page 83 and well over the halfway point of the first draft, still well on course to meet the schedule I’ve set for myself. Makes for pretty boring blog posts though… sorry.

Lots of… sto· ry· board (stôr-bôrd, str-brd)

Posted in Spare time on April 9th, 2010


I could only manage two and a half weeks ‘paternity leave’ this time round, before having to get back to work… And since then it’s been pretty solid… Lots of storyboarding (here)… as usual, they’re not necessarily in the right order.

More on The Nao of Brown soon.


Posted in Spare time on March 29th, 2010

Not posted recently, due to the birth of my second son . He’s filling out nicely thanks, four weeks old now and I’m having to get back to work, so posting will return to a ‘normal service’ very soon.

Meanwhile, somebody uploaded my Gorillaz ‘To Binge’ video to youtube. Here’s the storyboard for it… yep, that’s it… it was pretty easy to explain.

Oh, and one other thing… I’ll hopefully be reporting some very good ‘Nao’ news soon.

Pop pulse

Posted in Spare time on February 24th, 2010


For those of you without their finger on the ‘Pop Pulse’… the new Gorillaz website is up and running as of today.

If you choose to visit, keep your eye out for a few of my bits and bobs… There’s ‘Sarcasmo’ the sarcasm booth (above) and then with all his lights on (here)… although I don’t think he’s fully up and running with audio yet. I also did a Dead Deep Sea Diver, everyone’s favourite gay polar bear and a comfy looking chez.


Posted in Spare time on February 16th, 2010


Been busy for a while, hence no posts recently… busy painting windows and busy doing some visuals for  a track from the new Gorillaz album.

The bottle in the post below is one of the props I designed & made for it. So be sure to buy the Deluxe Version of the Plastic Beach album and check out the 14th track, called ‘To Binge’ featuring Little Dragon. When you buy the whole album on itunes, as well as mine, you’ll get bonus visuals for about six of the 18 tracks, and a ton of other digital ‘Deluxe’ goodies.

The image in this post is a detail from a piece I’m doing for an exhibition, curated by Ceri Levy of Bananaz fame. You can read more about his new film project and new found birding passions here.

And here’s a little Nao sketch I did, just to keep my eye in… it’s still bubbling away on that back burner… promise.


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