Hello again.


Gah, it feels so long since I posted something here, I’ve forgotten how it all works.

Anyway, the book is pretty much all done, I think it should all be signed off within the next week or two. It’s been proof read and mistakes have been corrected, the pages before and after the actual ‘comics stuff’ have all been designed. I’m really pleased with how it’s looking.

It’s a weird though. People keep on asking me how I feel and I’d like to tell them it feels amazing because, well, that’s what I think people want to hear. And it did feel amazing when I finished painting the last page – for about ten minutes. Then I had to letter them all. When I’d finished that, again I was euphoric for about ten minutes. Since then, since meeting that particular deadline, there’s been plenty of stuff to do, meeting the print rep and choosing the paper stock etc was all good fun. But even though these things have all felt like little milestones, there’s definitely been a bit of a ‘down’ feeling. It’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s the inevitable crash after all the adrenalin that’s been pumping through my veins in order to get it finished on time. It’s not like I’m short of stuff to do either, I’m really busy. But I think the transition from that intensity, back to something resembling a more normal life, is a bit weird.

The next big thing I’m looking forward to is having a copy in my hands for the first time, then I think it’ll finally feel real. I think that’s the milestone I’m most looking forward to but it’s also the one I’m most scared of – cos then, of course, it’ll all be too late.

I’m gonna try and up the amount of posts on here… There’s lots of exciting things coming up so drop by. I’ll post up storyboards too… You can also follow me on Twitter where I’ll occasionally be posting Nao stuff that I won’t be here.

The image on this post is panel 1 page 98… venue for the second date.

Thanks for sticking with me.

10 Responses to “Hello again.”

  1. dermot power Says:

    Congratulations Glyn!… really looking forward to getting a copy .
    I completely identify with that anti-climax feeling that comes when a project is finished. I figure it’s because I can afford to feel a little down as the energy needed to finish a picture (for example) ebbs away- nuts but true in my case.

  2. admin Says:

    Yeah, it’s really caught up with me today.

  3. Mat Says:

    Ever it is. The anticlimax of ‘finishing’ a big project. Everyone else around you always seems more excited and interested in it all. And indeed we are. But don’t forget the pain and pressure it’s taken to get here. You’ve done it buddy and you should be proud. I know I am and I can’t wait for having a copy in my hand too.

  4. Dave Shelton Says:

    I’ve had all those anticlimaxes but the highs for me were later: holding a copy of the finished book for the first time, and the launch party. You’ve got those to come and I hope they don’t disappoint.

    Congratulations for getting it done. It’s a big thing. And I wish you a happy time on the next thing.

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks Dave. Yeah, I’m looking forward to that stuff. See you soon I hope.

  6. Chent Says:

    Felicitations ! It is a great news and I am so looking forward to reading this book.
    I really like the cover too. Good luck an keep us updated.


  7. admin Says:

    Thanks Chent!

  8. Andrew Says:

    Love the illo heading this post – it’s my local! The Coach on Romilly Street, Soho. Is this from your sketchpad or will it be published somewhere?

  9. admin Says:

    Thanks Andrew. It’s gonna be published in my book ‘The Nao of Brown’ for more info look here

  10. San Says:

    Nice! This is around the corner from my post production work. I’m a regular there.

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