Clac! (sfx for electric kettle)


I had to re-draw a panel today, twice, first I thought of a slightly better way of doing it, and it was quite an easy change to make. Then coming back from lunch I realised it would be much better if she wasn’t reacting to the sound of the kettle… she should be too engrossed to notice it at all. So I re-drew the whole panel. It feels good when you realise something like that before it’s too late. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of things I’ll want to change once the book is finished and in the shops, so it’s nice to know I at least caught one before it got away.

So this is my ‘deleted scene’ of the day.

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  1. Eris Says:

    I think he feels better when you catch something at the right time. A second more?, It is now!. It’s like the secret agent escapes from the explosion in time 0:01. Or when the agent runs black slides on the ground before the door closes automatically. I’m being very silly?.

  2. Poppy Says:

    Hello Glyn Dillon

    I love this blog by the way!
    Just wondering what you have used to draw this panel?
    Really like the line quality, is it charcoal?


  3. admin Says:

    Thanks Poppy. I can see why you might think it’s charcoal, but it’s just a HB, 0.5 retractable pencil. Then it’s been scanned into Photoshop and darkened up using the levels. Plus it’s been blown up bigger here, so the mark looks like it’s been made with something more substantial, but I promise you it’s just my favourite old Pentel Pencil. I haven’t posted much here for a while, you’re more likely to catch me posting stuff on Twitter, I’m @NaoBrown. Thanks again.

  4. Poppy Says:

    Thanks for replying! I’ll go and find you on Twitter!

    Thanks again


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