Haven’t posted anything for a long time – sorry. Been really busy, still drawing Nao (only 60 pages left to draw!… But then I have to paint them all… 183 of them…)

Anyway, this post is about ‘Nelson’, which you can also read about here… A brilliantly conceived project by Rob Davis who is jointly editing it with Woodrow Phoenix, both of whom are very much contributing brilliant work to the book as well. There’s some great people involved and the contributors list reads like a who’s who of British comics. After originally saying yes, I then had to pull out because of my workload on Nao… Luckily Rob came back to me with an idea and we managed to sort something out. I’m very pleased and proud to be involved in such an excellent project and can’t wait to have a hard copy in my hands, hopefully some time around November… I’ve purposely kept myself from looking at the artwork that came after my year, so that it’ll be a surprise when I read it… but what I have seen looks amazing.

A few people have already asked me if I had a Grifter, I didn’t (although I desperately wanted one), I had a Strika for ages, then I think a second hand racer with cowhorn handle bars (I wanted one of these but we couldn’t afford it). Before finally graduating to the new found fad of BMXing.

In other news, I’ve got a top secret meeting tomorrow about something I’m very excited about. Wish me luck.

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  1. tim Says:

    Wow – love the detail you’ve put into the illustration without it becoming ‘busy’ or cluttered looking. I’ll be watching your site for more updates!

  2. John Riordan Says:

    Hey Glyn, really looking forward to reading Nao and Nelson. When’s Nao supposed to be coming out?

  3. Eris Says:

    Good luck.

  4. james corcoran Says:

    Good luck man with whatever it is, you should do a print of this it’s beautiful

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks guys.

    Nao is supposed to be out in April 2012, as long as I can meet the deadline.

  6. Rico Renzi Says:

    A friend just alerted me of your blog’s existence and I’ve spent the last 3 hours catching up. I had not seen your work in print since Deadline, so it was great to see your drawings here and find out that I have seen your art all along in other places. I am excited for Nao! I’ve just spent 5 years working on a comic in my “free time” too, don’t give up!

  7. admin Says:

    Thanks Rico! I just checked out your site, great colours! I’m just nearly finishing the drawing stage of Nao, starting to think about colour. I got a lot to colour by Jan, over 180 pages, which I think is more than two pages a day. In watercolour. And my experience in watercolour is virtually zero, so should be exciting/petrifying/disastrous and triumphant in varying degrees. I am definitely living the petrified stage at the moment. Thanks for coming by.

  8. admin Says:

    Sorry Tim, only just approved your comment! Thanks for the kind words please stay tuned.

  9. Mark Wilson Says:

    Hi Glyn, I’m here because your mum told my mum (Helen Wilson) that your book had been made available. Many congratulations. The illustrations here have such incredible depth and life that I would really like to see the finished book.

    My daughter is studying graphic design at Birmingham, and I think she should see it too. I probably met you at your grandmother’s funeral a few years back. Good luck with the book – Let me have the best route to get hold of it – Can I get it online?

    All the best


  10. admin Says:

    Hey Mark,
    Thanks. The book should now be available in all good bookshops, all good comic shops and Amazon has it too, as well as other online stores. If you put my name and the ‘The Nao of Brown’ into Google, plenty of options should be there. Thanks again!

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