Gay Abandon


When I last drew comics, it was in a time before Photo Shop (at least, a time before I had Photoshop). Coming back after all these years, I’ve found the technical breakthroughs make quite a difference to me. These days I’m more than happy to abandon half a page here, large panels there… and not necessarily because the drawing’s bad, it can be like this one (above), which just didn’t feel right. I like the drawing… but it wasn’t the right one.

I’m sure, of course, that I could’ve done this before Photo Shop, plenty of artists would throw whole pages away, I’ve heard eye witness accounts of Mike McMahon throwing away beautiful finished pages because he wasn’t happy with them. And I know some artists would cut out and paste in new panels if necessary. But I don’t think I ever did that (although I’m sure I really should have).

But with Photo Shop a psychological barrier has been broken. The fact that I can draw separate segments if necessary and paste them together digitally… and the finished thing looks nice on the screen. Has left me feeling a new sense of gay abandon with regards each page… If it’s not right, I just re-draw it on a fresh piece of paper, getting bogged down, rubbing something out over and over, just gets depressing and rarely ends happily.

Of course it means that there isn’t always that ‘original artwork’ which is nice to have and re-sell. But if you’re too worried about that you’re not really paying attention to what the artwork is actually for. The book is the most important thing really and everything else should come second to that.

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  1. james corcoran Says:

    That is an awesome panel, really looking forward to seeing the finished book.

  2. Bosch Fawstin Says:

    That’s gorgeous

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