How long have I been asleep

Last Friday I decided to get back to doing some ‘Nao’ artwork… I spent the afternoon drawing up Gregory’s dream, I drew it in the kinda style that you’ve seen already, like in the Pg.8 Underground post below. By the end of the day I was kinda pleased with the actual drawing but something didn’t feel right. Over the weekend I kept thinking about it and it started to get me down… I couldn’t get in early enough on Monday, determined to throw that one out & start again… but I still wasn’t sure how to tackle it. Then the moment I arrived in the studio I spotted the Kuniyoshi book and I realised it’d be great to do it in a similar Ukiyo-e, ‘Floating World’ style. Then it all happened really quickly… I drew it up in a day & then coloured it the next and now I’m really pleased with it.

Sorry for not posting the whole picture… I really want to hold this one back until we can all buy it in our local bookstore….

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  1. tonci Says:


    looks spot on, go nao! =)

  2. Mat Says:

    Any chance we can see the one you DIDN’T like as a special insider sneaky peek? Even though it wasn’t in the right style, I bet it still looks great… Go on… Please? Loving your Ukiyo-e-ing BTW.

  3. admin Says:

    Good point sir… I had intended to do exactly that, but was in a rush to get home in time for the (scintillating) football… so please excuse my initial, lazy & incomplete post… I hope I’ve now rectified the situation with a link to that first crappy drawing. Thank god someone’s paying attention! ;-)

  4. Mat Says:

    So glad I asked, what a lovely sketch, far, far from crappy… and now my mouths watering to see the final, replacement page. Nice build up of anticipation and desire in your audience sir x


    Really nice! the colours are great are they digital or painted? Hope to see more soon.

  6. Rodrigo Says:

    my god, i just can´t take my eyes away from hers…

    and if that´s a crappy drawing… i´m (insert something i´m not)

    thanks for the art

  7. admin Says:

    Thanks James… It’s coloured using both actually. Nao is gonna be done almost entirely in water colour, but I still put it together in Photoshop and then where the occasion warrants it ie a dream or a scene that isn’t from the main story, I might use more digital work, to emphasize the different styles… Does that make sense?

    Thanks Rodrigo! … and Mat… Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t really too unhappy with that first ‘actual drawing’ (otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it), it’s more that the mood & style wasn’t right, that’s why I called it ‘crappy’.

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