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  1. dave mitchell Says:

    hello you…. these drawings are amazing! would love to see the final thing.. big d x

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Dave

  3. John Borrower Says:

    I’m really loving the influx of posted art. I put up this picture on my myspace with a link attached in hopes of getting more traffic through here. Though I’m sure my page doesn’t get looked at very often by many people, hopefully the ones that do will click on it and check your blog out. Maybe encourage you to work more (not that I think you aren’t working a lot already), I’m just really anxious to see the finished product. Oh, and how is the animation coming along?

    Best, John.

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks John, much appreciated… I feel I have to warn you though, that even if I got a publishing deal tomorrow, it’s gonna take at least a year before it’s completed. I can do a page every two days, that’s laying it out, lettering it, drawing it & painting it. Sometimes it might be a bit quicker but I reckon that’s average. I’ve not written the full script yet either, I’ve got the beginning, middle & end and have large chunks of dialogue, but you couldn’t call it a proper first draft yet. So you have to factor in a few undisturbed weeks to get that done. And I’m thinking that the finished book’s gonna be about 190-200 pages in total… I’ve just completed the first eleven pages, as samples to show to publishers… but there’s still a long way to go. Hopefully you won’t get sick of waiting if I keep posting the odd panel. And then I hope it won’t be a huge disappointment when you finally get to read it!

    The animation is finished… very nearly. It literally only needs a day on it, to fix a broken shot & to move the voice-over/subtitles around a little bit. But with that I’m in the very capable hands of Seb Monk (editor of Gorillaz doc ‘Bananaz’) who’s been very busy of late, both with moving house (horrible business) and by accompanying Jamie to Bangladesh on an Oxfam trip, in order to film it. So as soon as he can fit me in, I’m sure it’ll only take a day at most. But I don’t think I’ll be posting the animation here, I have to create a website all of it’s own for that… well, we’ll see. Anyway thanks for the encouragement, I think I can feel a bottleneck of traffic building up already. Cheers g

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