Don’t forget your cardigan …


Normally I’d do a larger drawing than this to work out what a character is wearing. But since I knew it had to work on this scale for one panel, I thought I’d better work it out at this size first. Sometimes I know exactly what she’s gonna wear, the first date stuff I knew straight away and this was pretty easy too cos I knew she had to be comfortable for a long haul flight. (She’s also got a cardie in her bag, which is actually a bit too small to go over that large shirt).

In the finished version her shoes will be the white ones from the first date outfit.

3 Responses to “Don’t forget your cardigan …”

  1. tonci Says:

    with this kind of attention to detail, it’s bound to be interesting… =)
    also, always great to see someone not drawing fake comicbook clothes- there’s much too much of it around anyways.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, I really hope it’ll be interesting… to someone.
    And I think I’m just a frustrated costume designer, so I enjoy those kinda details. I suppose it’s all part of making her real in my head as well, which really helps with the writing. If I know what she likes for breakfast & what she listened to on the way to work, it all helps somehow.

  3. tonci Says:

    it’ll all show in the work, believe me.

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