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An irresistible impulse to act

Posted in Spare time on May 29th, 2009


Don’t listen to the devil. Mock him.

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Posted in Spare time on May 19th, 2009

It was a day off from work today, but Ro (my three year old) wanted to visit the studio with me. There’s lots of fun things there, like the full size Spiderman, talking toy monkeys & best of all, adults that behave very much like children. He also likes to play with my ‘magic pen’ on the ‘pooter’. I figure I could get him colouring my stuff before he starts school at this rate.

This is my favourite of his efforts today, it kinda looks like a red wonky word balloon… It’s called ‘Hiccup’ because he had hiccups while doing it.

Water Closet

Posted in Spare time on May 18th, 2009

Page 6. Panel 1


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Page 7. Panel 4

The Role of the Musculoskeletal System in Health, Disease and Drawing

Posted in Spare time on May 13th, 2009

Yesterday was one of those pain in the arse days when you’ve got to do something that you don’t really want to do. I shall now bore you with the details.

At the weekend I did my back in again, not as bad as previously (I am still able to move) but bad enough for me to get a quick appointment with my osteopath. She asked what it is I do that means I’m twisting at the middle so much… it wasn’t hard to work out that it probably had something to do with the fact that my monitor was twisted at a slight angle and off to my left a bit… so as to avoid the glare from the window behind me, which would bleach out whatever’s on the screen. She said to straighten it up or risk making her rich & me poor from my continued visits.

So yesterday I tackled the task of moving my desk to a better position in the studio… the first attempt failed when I discovered the balcony doors gave just as bad a glare, so I had to renegotiate, which also involved moving a load of computers & photographic equipment. In the end I settled here… a cosy corner, with Gorillaz producer Cara Speller just beyond the bookshelf. It’s a much better spot screen-wise & I thought while it’s all neat & tidy I’ll take a photo or two & post it… cos I always like nose-ing at the work spaces of other artists. 

Enchanting! New!! Strange! Mysterious!!!

Posted in Spare time on May 8th, 2009

Just digging through some black & white samples that I had to send off to an ad agency & found this…

Passion Pictures called me in, about two years ago, to do some boards for their pitch on the Kavalier & Clay movie. As I remember it was a bit of a rush job and as well as the boards they also wanted a retro comic book cover. I managed to do this in a day, which I was really pleased with cos I had to do the character design & all the type as well. Also I’d not used a brush pen before.

I’ve not read the Kavalier & Clay novel & certainly didn’t have any time to read anything before doing this. They gave me one reference picture for the Luna Moth lady and I wasn’t that keen on her costume so I went down my own route with that. It was about a year later that I realised there was an actual Escapist comic book & that my buddy, Big Phil Bond had done some work on it.

So I apologise to any ‘Escapist/Luna Moth’ purists out there, this was my take on a character I knew absolutely nothing about, bar her name – and it probably doesn’t fit her character very well, but hey, thought it might be of interest.  

Don’t forget your cardigan …

Posted in Spare time on May 3rd, 2009


Normally I’d do a larger drawing than this to work out what a character is wearing. But since I knew it had to work on this scale for one panel, I thought I’d better work it out at this size first. Sometimes I know exactly what she’s gonna wear, the first date stuff I knew straight away and this was pretty easy too cos I knew she had to be comfortable for a long haul flight. (She’s also got a cardie in her bag, which is actually a bit too small to go over that large shirt).

In the finished version her shoes will be the white ones from the first date outfit.

Panel 3 Pg.5

Posted in Spare time on May 3rd, 2009

On my own this weekend, I decided to work on those sample pages. Only interrupting the flow for a trip to the Bridge, in order to watch Fulham help us warm up for the big one on Wednesday.

Worked till quite late & now I’m trying to decide whether I stay up into the early hours to watch the Ricky Hatton fight, or be a bit more sensible & watch the 9am repeat.  

What with family life, I haven’t worked late like that for a while now. I do like it, it’s how I lived for years really. I would wake up at about 1pm, do my daily chores, go to the shops or whatever, then start work around 6pm, eat something around 8pm then work through until 4 or 5 in the morning, drinking endless cups of tea & smoking rollies. The phone would never ring, no distractions, no internet, just ‘Whispering Bob Harris’ on the wireless.

Happy days.

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