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Coach & Horses

Posted in Spare time on December 19th, 2008

Nao locks up her bike outside The Coach & Horses, venue for their second date.

Nao Brown

Posted in Spare time on December 18th, 2008

Quick practice sketch of Nao. Just getting to know how she looks really, trying to get that half English – half Japanese look right. She would be known as ‘Hafu’ in Japan, which is derived from the English word ‘half’ & is the most commonly used term to describe anyone of mixed race.

Steve Meek

Posted in Spare time on December 17th, 2008

I thought it would be nice to do some character designs, as sample panels, like the Gregory one below. That way I’m beginning to get an overall feel for it, working out how I might do the word balloons etc. all at the same time, so it all comes together as a whole, rather than as separate elements. Read more »

The Cow

Posted in Spare time on December 11th, 2008


This is Gregory on their first date, at The Cow Pub on Westbourne Park Road. He was already a bit drunk when Nao arrived.


Posted in Spare time on December 11th, 2008

Update on the ‘My Pleroma’ animated short film – This is a very lo-res screen grab of Shot 6. James has been beavering away on the plane over the last week, making it work in ‘Toon’, which is easier said than done. We’ve had a day of moving lights around in order to get the shadows looking right, not too harsh – it’s been fun. I feel I should’ve written more today, but it’s hard to get a flow going when we’re doing this animation, there’s always new renders to look at, which take me away from my desk, back & forth like a yoyo. Still, really pleased with the way it’s looking – s’gonna be ace!

Is the Pope Cartoony?

Posted in Spare time on December 10th, 2008


I decided to make a concerted effort today, with practicing Gregory Pope (see character design in Monkey Boots post below). But it just isn’t happening. Much as I’m really fond of that Monkey boots image, it was a bit of a one off with regards his face, especially those big Homer Simpson eyes. Much as I tried I’m just not cut out to be very ‘cartoony’. Cartoons have a whole different rule book and I’m afraid I don’t have a copy. I can do one off character designs like that, especially when they don’t need me to be the one drawing the character day in day out. But in this case I really wanted to work within my comfort zone, to be able to draw like I do when I’m boarding – quickly, confidently, not getting bogged down with a new rule book etc. So with that in mind, I decided to be ‘true to myself’ and did a super quick, three minute re-design, having just done a load of boards in the morning… Bearing in mind he still has to resemble this image… this is the result. Read more »

Oliver Postgate

Posted in Spare time on December 10th, 2008


I just heard the sad news that the genuine genius Oliver Postgate has died. My life would definitely not be the same without this man. The many magical seeds he, along with Peter Firmin, planted in my brain when I was a child, continue to give me pleasure to this day.

Paint it Black

Posted in Spare time on December 3rd, 2008


I was gonna start writing today, when I realised that this would look much better coming out of black (see ‘Hen to Pan’ post below). Everything just pops out much more, it has a much more three dimensional feel to it. And while I was scribbling away, all round the edges… I was trying to ‘write’ at the same time, trying to get the question, for an answer that I’ve already got. Now I’ve posted this I can concentrate on that.

And here’s some boards I did last week for a Mercedes commercial…

Read more »

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