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Firstly, if you don’t already know me, then welcome, thanks for coming, god knows why you’re here or how you found me, but great, the important thing is – that you’re here. 

I’ve not written a proper blog before… 

I’m not quite sure how it’s all going to work out, I’m thinking I might be doing this all a bit backwards – but I can assure you, I do have good intentions. Let’s face it, ‘The Making of…’ normally comes after the finished article – not before. 

      Anyway, I’ve had some nicely unusual experiences recently, which finally convinced me to just get on with writing The Nao of Brown.

But first I better fill you in on how I got to this point. Back in January 2007 I proposed amongst a few special friends that we create a new anthology comic book called ONE. I was really surprised & pleased when they all agreed. I’d managed to get on board Jamie HewlettAlan MartinPhillip BondBrendan McCarthy &Ashley Wood – all in a matter of two short days, but that turned out to be the easy part. We then wrote up a proposal & touted it around to a few different publishers. Amongst other things it was going to include Jamie & Alan’s ‘The Sixteens’ a previously unpublished strip, which thankfully you can now read in ‘The Cream of Tank Girl’. All the other strips were going to be new, unseen material & I suggested that Alan & I might work together on something I’d been mulling over called ‘2013’. It was a very loose idea at that stage, with some very loosely sketched out characters. The tag line we had for the proposal was “2013 is‘Siddhartha’ meets ‘Transformers’ with a peppering of ‘Chorlton & the Wheelies’.” There was our protagonist, a big fat fella with a beard called Gregory Pope, a rhubarb & custard coloured robot in red Cuban heels called Abe Rainbow & a footless, spooky looking ‘godbot’ called Abraxas. Gregory was a washing machine repairman obsessed by the cult Japanese TV show, which featured these colourful characters. Of course there had to be a love interest, so I came up with a Japanese girl called Nao (pronounced ‘now’), who was also obsessed with the TV show. Nothing came of the anthology in the end, we had talks with the publishers DC & IDW and a few others, but found it hard to strike a deal that everyone would be happy with. I continued, in my spare time, to think about the story & started doing sketches of the characters & fleshing out the ideas a little.

In the next few posts I’ll fill in the gap between then & now, but meanwhile, here’s the cover for the as of yet unwritten book…

5 Responses to “The Making of…”

  1. simon Says:

    Hey glyn – so glad to see some more work from you – its all looking amazing please keep me posted


  2. beela Says:

    Hi Glyn , lovely to be able to see your work & contact you . Hope life is good for you ,love Sheila beela xxxx

  3. Amanda Says:

    Hey Glyn – your artwork is, as always… fantastic! …we continue to be dedicated followers of the Dillon!
    Mand x

  4. Jovian M. Says:

    Oh, and now I see your name here. -_-

  5. Mat Says:

    OCTOBER 2008!!???

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