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Hen to Pan

Posted in Spare time on October 30th, 2008



This was a bit of an odd one for me. For years I’d had in my head a visual link between conkers (or Buckeyes if you’re American) and the theory of the collective unconscious. It was a loose visual allegory in my mind & I’d always toyed with the idea of doing something humorous with it.

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The Bird Fights its Way Out of the Egg

Posted in Spare time on October 30th, 2008


Because James became busy on other projects I decided I should get on with making some more prints. I’d already done some sketches for characters, with regards the ONE comic, some of which appeared in Ashley Wood’s Swallow Book 3 – but having seen my map printed up I was all excited about the screen-print side of things. So, still with ONE in mind I came up with this, which is called “The Bird Fights its Way Out of the Egg.”



My Pleroma

Posted in Spare time on October 15th, 2008

After getting the screenprints done, I started thinking about how I could go about selling them, a website being the most obvious start. And because I work from the Zombie Flash Eaters studio with, amongst others, James (Zulu) Coore & Mike ‘Fluffy’ Robinson I was lucky enough to have a crack team on hand for me to cajole & harass into helping me with my shameless self promotion. James the CG, animating whizzkid offered to help me out with an animated short & Mike offered to help out with a flashy website (they are both lovely men & very generous in their nature).

I forgot to mention that I’d already got some ‘ONE’ patches made up, in order to sell at an exhibition (I aged some of them so they looked like this) & I had some little pin badges made up too.

So I did have stuff that I could sell along with the screenprint, but it still didn’t feel like it was enough to warrant a whole website. So I stopped harassing Mike so much & just got on with harassing… I mean… making the short film with, James.

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Journey to the East

Posted in Spare time on October 14th, 2008




For a long time, well, since I stopped drawing comics & got into storyboarding for the film & TV world, I’d had dreams of being a director myself (I did manage to direct one pop promo). So any ‘spare time projects’ were always targeted towards the realms of film or TV. For a while it looked like we…(Jamie, me & the amazing Mr. Cass Browne) might get a Zombie TV series called Shoot to Kill off the ground, that was back in 2002/3 before Zombies had truly come back into fashion. And before that, I went & lived in LA for two months (I rented a room from Gilda Texter, who, in the year I was born, was starring as the ‘nude girl on a motorcycle’ in the cult classic ‘Vanishing point’ – but that’s another story)  I lived in the Valley with her & finished writing a science fiction screenplay called ‘Instructions How to Die’. They liked it at Scott Free (Ridley Scott’s company) & sent it off to Fox for me – but alas they didn’t want to do anything with it and nothing ever came of that. And the thing is, I’m not very good at selling myself, or more specifically my work. So I’d just put those things on the back burner & get on with the next ‘big idea’.  

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The Making of…

Posted in Spare time on October 10th, 2008



Firstly, if you don’t already know me, then welcome, thanks for coming, god knows why you’re here or how you found me, but great, the important thing is – that you’re here. 

I’ve not written a proper blog before… 

I’m not quite sure how it’s all going to work out, I’m thinking I might be doing this all a bit backwards – but I can assure you, I do have good intentions. Let’s face it, ‘The Making of…’ normally comes after the finished article – not before. 

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